Welcome to my website. Thank you for being here. Most people know me as Vani Kabir - The Modern Sufi. But what many don't know is that with many upheavals in my life, writing became the only weapon of choice. This website is my collective. Quotes, videos, poetry, articles and much more. I write to find peace and deliver it through my writings. I believe that you heal through finding what you feel and then working your way around it. You will relate to my work is you are brave hearted, wear your heart on your sleeve, have learnt from heartbreaks, choose to never look down upon anyone and are thriving to make this world a wee bit better by your efforts or just smiles.

I am currently working as a Senior Creative Director at a leading advertising agency in New Delhi. I am proud to have won numerous awards for my work in advertising and I am now taking up skill enhancement courses from Stanford Continuing Studies in-order to finish my first fiction story.


Praying at a church in Prague! #themodernsufi #vanikabir #vanikabirwritings

Praying at a church in Prague! #themodernsufi #vanikabir #vanikabirwritings

my Beginning and onwards.

I was tattoed with writing when I was born. It has been my longest desire to be a great writer and a person people relate to when finding for the right emotions, inked. Currently, I am an advertising professional, a career that started more than a decade ago. My work has honored me with some of the most prestigious awards of this fraternity like TheOne Show Design, The Cannes, The New York Festivals, Graphis Gold Annual, ABBY'S and Spikes Asia to name a few. After multiple heartbreaks and endless life upheavals, I decided to go all out and help people through my writing and storytelling. I started a Facebook page that now has over a hundred thousand people to whom I connect regularly with. I am always active and ready to help if someone is dealing with certain emotions that are making them vulnerable.

I have completed NanoWriMo writing  and a novel writing course from Stanford Continuing Studies, which helped me complete the draft zero of my first fiction book.

I am a happy & proud single mother of a boy & delightfully use his name as my last name.

“put simply, I write to give myself strength. I write to become the people I am not. I write to explore all the things I am afraid of. I write because it's good for my heart. ”

— Vani kabir #themodernsufi #vanikabirwritings

"Yes, I really do think that way!" #vanikabir #themodernsufi

"Yes, I really do think that way!" #vanikabir #themodernsufi

my thoughts.

The writer is a weaver of words. They take the threads of words, and weave them into a pattern that could fill another person’s mind with beauty, sadness, landscape views, future, zeal or simply awake consciousness, bring motivation and create an array of emotions and responses.   The mind of the reader laces the words together until the imagined or real intent of the writer is achieved. The writer provides a zip-line between two minds. The reader is either transported happily into the world of the word weaver, or the reader examines the word garment, and places it abruptly back on the rack. No matter what takes place in the mind of the beholder, the writer has visited the mind of another.


Work with me

Whether you're a person wanting to be better than who you were yesterday, an owner waiting to launch its product, a brand looking to advertise with a new campaign, a university looking for a lecturer on creative ideation and imagination, or a survivor on the search for a ghost writer, write to me and we will find a way to work together. I am happy to know, learn and understand more. So press on the 'write to me today' button and I guarantee you a worthy conversation.