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With my son in #amsterdam

With my son in #amsterdam




Born on 22nd Dec 1985, Sunday. And as a Sunday born should be, I am lively, cheerful, positive and love to be called a 'ray of sunshine'. You could spot me in the middle of the road amongst strangers, throwing away smiles like confetti. I am proud of my scars and sort of wears them as ornaments. I wanted to become a writer since the age of 8, when I published my first poem in my school magazine. I am very open to receiving notes and letters and answer them fondly and wisely. I believe that the world needs more people who understand stories of the heart because they are the biggest myths that will unravel the course of our future. I run multiple online group and help people understand their emotions and sometimes I am patient listening ear to their problems. You ask me about my drawbacks, and I would flip my hair and say, ANGER. And soon after I would say, " but I am working on it."

My son is my lifeline, he is truly my heart that walks outside my body. The bond we share is truly unbelievable. I dream big and work tirelessly to fulfil my dreams. 





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