first fiction book

'The Recountals of Omicrone' sprung as a figment of my imagination. It is a story of a different galaxy, its people and their fight for saving their galaxy from the hands of evil. What started as a thought is now going to take shape of a book. I pursued two courses from Stanford Continuing Studies, San Francisco, to give shape to my imagination. I have done extensive research about various cultures, reading occult, books by magicians and I am now learning to develop a language to add to my book. Three years of research and a NanoWriMo writing course led me to my draft zero and I am at it to convert it into a novel and reach the shelf.

imaginative curriculum 

This is a series of books which I researched and developed with the help of a team under a unit I called 'The Unreal Academy'. It was a place for children where imaginative after school programs were run. I have trained over 300 children over the period of 2 years, into becoming more creative and imaginative. I closed down that venture after my divorce but the books are readily available for usage. These books cater to children from age group 7 to 14 years.